1st – Four and The Cat

frog prince header[Photo Credit to Chicho21net]


“Nyami don’t go! Don’t leave me alone, please don’t go, noooooo…”

‘Hey, what happen? Wake up, wake up.’ Prince looked into the crumple box where the little kitten moaning in his sleep.

‘Who…oo… are you?’ the kitten jumped and looked alarmed.

‘Whohoho… don’t be afraid, I’m, we’re friends, and I’m Frog Prince.’ There hard chuckled behind the Prince and he turn around immediately. It was Mono.

‘I’m indeed a Prince, do you see I’m wearing a crown!’  Prince retorted.

‘He always boasted himself, just leave him alone.’ Shilo said in lazy tone and hiding back his head into the shell before Prince kick it.

‘Hey, do I need to show you my palace?’

BB and Mono looking at each other, laughed amusingly.

‘Okay, you’re Prince… well yeah a Frog Prince.’ Eventually BB admitted.

Somehow their amusing argues relived the kitten’s fear a bit.

‘Ah who is your name?’ Frog Prince asked to the kitten.

‘Umm… my name is Ciblue.’

‘A nice name, and let’s met my silly friends –’

‘Hey!!!’ Mono protested by Prince addressed them. And Prince just cheerfully stuck out his tongue to tease his friends.

‘– he’s Mono the monkey, and he’s the Lazy Shilo the Turtle –’

‘Just call me Shilo,’ Prince did not know if Shilo already out from his shell.

‘– then he’s Blue Bird, we used to call him BB.’

‘Well, my name is Ciblue,’

‘Yeah, you’ve said that,’ BB said.

‘So, how you can end up here?’ Prince asked as he looked around the surrounding.


Ciblue open up his eyes sleepily, he was about to snuggle to his mum since he feel a bit cold when he realize his mum is nowhere to be seen. Ciblue open up his eyes widely, fully wake up now. His brother, Nyami lying asleep next to him but their place now is different with theirs before.

‘Where I’m?’ mumbled Ciblue.

Ciblue trying to climb up the box to look outside, wondering maybe their mother is out there. He did not see his mother and what he saw was surprising instead, there no big house he used to see next to his box as usual, no food and milk nearby his box. All he can see a big trees everywhere. A fear suddenly hit the little kitten.

‘Mummy!!! Mummy where are you!? Mummy…’ Ciblue cried calling his mother.

Ciblue’s mother did not show up and the little kitten sound not loud enough for the wild.

‘Mummy where are you!?’ Ciblue kept crying calling out his mother.

‘Why are you crying?’ a voice came behind Ciblue.

‘Nyami, do you know where we are? And where’s mummy?’ Ciblue asked his brother among his sob.

Nyami seemed realized the change his surrounding by Ciblue question because he start looking around, observing the place.

‘Right, where we are? It’s isn’t our home.’

Ciblue’s sob getting louder and Nyami hushed him to comfort his little brother.

‘Does mummy leave us alone?’ Ciblue asked.

Although Nyami almost sure their mummy did but he does not want to admitted it.

‘No, I don’t think so; she’s probably out looking for food or us.’ Nyami replied.

Hour passes by and the night beating the day. The wind blowing a bit hard and their place now completely dark, the big tree black illusion somehow it is like a giant that ready to eat both the poor little kitten.

Their mother did not go home that night, and also the next morning and the day after that morning. Slowly, Ciblue accept that their mother leave them alone in the strange place or maybe their Master, because he is pretty sure his mother will never leave them alone.


Frog Prince, Mono, Shilo and BB shock by hearing Ciblue’s story.

‘How come your mother did that?’ Mono asked.

‘Nyami said it was our Master, and I’m sure our mother won’t ever do that.’

‘Nah speaking about Nyami, where is he?’ BB asked.

‘He was taken some days ago; I don’t know where he is right now.’ Ciblue replied with small and bitter voice.

A flash memory hit Ciblue at once, that day was a bright day, the sun shine cheerfully deliver happiness to everyone. And so in the big park Ciblue and Nyami live, people gathering around with families and friends enjoying the nature beauty. But today is actually not a happy day for both Ciblue and Nyami because out of nowhere somebody took Nyami away.

Ciblue still remember clearly how he cried aloud and trying to get his only brother back but the human was too giant for the little kitten like him.

‘Ciblue, don’t cry, don’t be afraid! You can survive, believe yourself you can and you will!’

Those words are his strength until now; Ciblue still remembers how Nyami encourages him.

‘I’m sorry,’ Mono said in a low voice.

Ciblue gave Mono a bitter smile.

‘Why didn’t you try to looking for them? Your mother and brother I mean.’ Price said all in sudden.

‘Is that possible?’ Ciblue asked hesitantly.

‘I think it’s possible, do you remember where your house was? Ahhh I think we can help,’ the Prince suggested cheerfully but he gained stare from the three other that facing him instantly with – what are you talking about – look. ‘You guys don’t mind to help our friend to find his family, do you?’

The chorus of long but quite “ahhh” heard from Frog Prince mates, and Shilo hide back his head into the shell which Prince kicked the edge of its shell.

Hiding his head is the way Turtle protests or showing his disagree but he can do nothing.

The Prince pouted with his mates behaves but he was glad that they can not oppose his idea since Ciblue right in front of them.

Mono understands why Shilo dislike the idea since mostly the Prince idea is always random and give trouble than benefit to them. Meanwhile BB just shook his head and flying to the near by branch.

‘They’re now your friends too so don’t worry. Mono may look fierce but he actually loving creature,’ the Prince winked to Mono who gave him – what the heck – stare. ‘And as I told you, Shilo is a lazy cozy one, doesn’t expect him too much, but sometimes his idea is brilliant. Lastly,’ the Prince pointed toward small bird on the branch nearby, and BB flying back perched on Mono’s right shoulder.

‘Its looks that I’m the only one, who should be careful here,’ BB grinned.

Mono laughed and Ciblue look at Prince with question look.

‘He means, you’re a cat, somehow he should be careful otherwise you may eat him up.’ Prince explained and burst out in to laughter by seeing Ciblue’s shocking face.

‘How come I eat my friend?’ Ciblue shook his head.

‘I just say possibility,’ BB shrugged, ‘ ‘cause the three of them definitely won’t.’ He went on saying.

Frog Prince, the Happy Virus


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