10th – Confrontation


It is been days since their sudden discovered about John. But nothing seems has change. Ringo insisted that they should have a right plan before they told John what they know and in this case they should find a job first.

John however, he never knows what the other three are doing since he rarely at home and whenever he made it at home, all they doing are playing or discussing music, nothing else.

This night too, John runaway as soon as practice done, he even left before dinner. Ringo gone after dinner to do his assignment and both Tom and Jerry stay inside in their own room. The house completely quite, it was unusual strangeness only the sound of guitar from Tom’s room giving sign that still there people in that place.

Time passed by without Tom realizing it, Ringo hours ago came back and brought him a glass of water. Ringo just say hello and goodnight at the same time to him. John, he does not know probably already came back or else he still stays outside.

Tom unplugged his amp and guitar, stretching his hands before steps out from his room. The house is dark, there only the dimmer lamp gives the light. Tom is about to come back to his room once he heard somebody strumming guitar outside in the balcony.

It was Jerry, he sits alone in the balcony they used to hang and drying the laundry, strumming and humming a song in a low sound. Tom glances to see the watch, 2.15 am. What is he doing? Tom’s thought.

Jerry only tilting his head when seeing Tom sits down beside him. No one of them speak but then Jerry quitting his playing.

‘What’re you doin here, it’s too late.’ Asked Tom broke the silence.

Jerry shrugged, ‘can’t sleep.’ He replied shortly.


Both of them just gazing up to the break day’s sky, only couples of stars that gleaming palely, the moon is nowhere they can not be seen as well.

‘Sorry,’ said Jerry after along pause.

Tom turns his head, ‘for what?’

‘For everything, I should’ve tell you what John is doing as soon as I discovered it, but I just shut my self up, keeping him held all of the responsibility toward us, I can’t imagine what he’s doing, he has a school, tuitions, he’s working at the restaurant and also midnight shop keeper. Almost everyday he home about 3 or 4 in the morning and we just eat and sleep nicely.’ Jerry explained.

‘That isn’t your fault; you promise him and aside of everything I appreciate your loyalty. The problem is, this isn’t about loyalty, and John is doing something wrong for not telling us the truth. If it is all about the band, then all of us have the same responsibility too.’ Tom said.

‘I told him but he didn’t listen. He did so many things for us.’

Tom nodded as agreement.

‘We’ll work things out, when the time is come, we’ll not allow him to work too much and we can feed ourselves.’ Tom smiled lightly.

‘Saying honest, at first I have no confident join The Stars.  Did you remember when the first time I’m about to join he said you guys need somebody who wants to spending time for fun beside required in bass playing. But then, day after day I found something interesting and I don’t see that The Stars it’s a place to wasting time more over when I know how hard John made effort on us.’

‘For me The Stars is my self, I can’t lose it otherwise I lose my self too.’ Tom said.

‘The Stars is music, dream, passion and family.’ Jerry smiled.

‘Can’t be truer,’ Tom laughed.

The star above still twinkling, but it seems they fade away one by one. The sky also getting brighter for the morning seems hastily comes and maybe no one will believe if they are not witnesses by themselves the two boys who always fighting can spent the night together.


Tom just comes out from his class when all in sudden Jerry appear in front of him and grabbing his arm harshly.

‘What the hell you’re doing!’ Yelled and pulled Jerry’s hand.

‘I, I found it, really.’ Jerry patted.

‘What did you found?’ asked Tom confusingly, he looks up to Jerry from head to toe, he is shabby, his breath is heavy and sweating a well, he seems running away from something or someone.

‘I found it,’ Jerry repeated with triumph in his voice, ‘the guitar, I found the buyer of the guitar.’

Tom’s eyes widened, ‘are you serious? How the hell you’ve found it?

‘Accident,’ Jerry grinned.

And he started telling the story rapidly as they marched. No one of them telling where their purpose is yet both the boys seems knowing where to go.

‘They just live two blocks away from here.’ Told Jerry as he open the door and let Tom in.

They found Ringo busy with his notes, in front of him his laptop some of news paper scattered around.

‘Hey, they refuse to sell it back,’ told Ringo as his two mates approached him.

‘That’s no surprise.’ Replied Tom.

The idea to make whoever bought John’s guitar to sell it back to them is ridiculous of course, but they do not have any choice. The guitar must be back to his right owner otherwise they will live in guilt.

‘We need to get the guitar back, but we have no cash for that,’ began Tom.

‘Don’t worry; we got to work, don’t we? It’s not a way to gain easy cash but it’ll work I guess.’ Said Ringo and he pass pamphlet to Tom and Jerry.

A restaurant hiring part-timer and the schedule is flexible.

‘How is it?’

‘I’m in,’ replied Tom.

‘This great, we can adjust our time.’ Nodded Jerry.

‘Okay, I’ll tell them.’ Said Ringo brightly. Both Tom and Jerry looking at each other, Ringo laughed, ‘the owner is my uncle’s friend.’

‘Okay then, but firstly we got to know how to get the guitar back.’ Said Tom and both Ringo and Jerry nodded in agreement.

Since the day they had short meeting, Tom, Ringo and Jerry one after another visiting the one who bought John’s guitar.

They begging for her every time they have chance, once they got back from school. Or whenever they go outside the first visit it should be her house.

She is single parent who only lives with her two children. The eldest is the one she bought the guitar is on his first year junior high while his little brother on his four years elementary school.


‘Yea!!! I did it!’ Yelled Tom when finally he was done make an agreement with Mrs. Smith, the ones who bought John’s guitar.

Tom was jogged while he back to home since he was late for practice.

‘Sorry, I’m late.’ Tom excuses but his word is contrary with his face.

Tom can not hide his happy face but he can reveal why he is so happy, not with John is around.

Thank to John, Tom learn how to control his feeling, though his face still never tell lies.

Along the practice sessions Tom’s happiness is spreading everywhere. He can take any of complaints with smile on his face, just not like him which usually complaining the most.

As soon as John gone to work, Tom called out Ringo and Jerry to reveal his good news. It was like rerun of the day Jerry telling him he had found John’s guitar. Ringo and Jerry listen to him with fully attention, they just “oh-ing”, nodding, and clapping hands or laughed.

‘So that’s all?’ Asked Ringo.

Tom nodded, ‘that’s all, we’ll teach her sons music, me and Jerry guitar and you drum, and I already asked her to buy a drum set. Beside it’s kind of baby sit them too.’

Jerry shrugged, ‘that’s okay, then how long we’ll do that until she handed the guitar over to us?’

‘Till her son can play guitar. I asked her at most 2 or 3 months, you know, I told her everything about us. Was that okay? Sorry, I didn’t discuss first.’

Both Ringo and Jerry shook their head.

‘Did you hear we’re complaining?’ Jerry laughed.

‘So it won’t a problem then, should we tell John about this? We can start working at the restaurant next week; we need to arrange schedule and now we have another job too.’ Said Ringo.

‘Tomorrow then okay, John won’t out till midnight.’ Said Jerry and the other nodded for the agreement.

Tomorrow is a big day, they thought.


No one of Tom, Ringo or Jerry can study peacefully that day, all of their thoughts just go to the time when finally they can do something for their new family, The Stars

‘We have something to talk.’ Tom announced once four of them gather together ready to practice.

Although they already prepare for this but Ringo and Jerry can not help but nervous. Especially Jerry his strain face is clear enough for everyone to see.

‘What’s that?’ John asked and looking at his fellow band mates one by one.

Tom took a deep breath, ‘it’s all about you. We know everything.’ John turns his head to Jerry who bowed his head, avoiding John for sure. ‘Don,t blame him, I made him to open his mouth.’

Jerry looking up to Tom in surprise, he had never expected Tom backed in him.

‘So, will you tell us?’ Tom began.

‘Mates, listen – ’

‘It’s time for you to listen, we can’t take it anymore. You’re our leader that’s true and we respect it, but one thing you should know is, you aren’t our parents, we held responsibility for ourselves.’ Tom cut across John’s word.

‘Look, it’s easier if I do all of these stuff, I’m not saying that I’m genius or strong enough but I can spare my self. You’re three just focus on music and your study, everything is okay.’

‘That’s not. You’re on your last year and you missed many extra classes, do you think we don’t know it? You’re insult our intelligence mate’ Said Ringo.

‘Seriously, it’s nothing, why didn’t you trust me –’

‘Why didn’t you trust me you asked? Then why didn’t you trust us either? What we are to you? a puppet for you to reach your dream? I know you’re running out of your time but it’s just not right.’ For the second time Tom cut across John’s defend speech.

‘What the running out the time you’re talking about?’ Asked Jerry, for the first time he opens his mouth.

‘His parents give him until graduated to pursue his musical desire otherwise he has to going back to State once he leave high school.’ Tom explained.

Jerry said nothing but staring at John who sits next to him.

John meanwhile, let out a deep breath and threw out his both hands.

‘There’s nothing will happen, our plan will stay the same as before.’

‘Then what will you say to your brother about the guitar? Are you out of your mind?’ snarled Tom

‘What this was all about?’ asked Jerry once again.

‘That’s his b’day gift from his brother, the only person in his family who agree he become a musician.’ It was Ringo who explained.

Another shock for Jerry, ‘and you still saying it wasn’t a big deal?’Jerry’s voice came out icily.

‘I’m disappointed you have a little trust to us mate, we do appreciate for all you’ve been doing, but that’s not right, we have the same responsibility as you do.’ Tom said quietly.

‘Alright, then what? It was me who suggest the band first, it was me who asked you to live here and it was me who screw things up –’

‘But it was me who make everything difficult, you shouldn’t leave the company, Ringo shouldn’t join us, and so Jerry!’ Tom raised his voice to drown John’s.

‘Hey, we got nothing if we keep blaming ourselves, it was none’s fault, we all decided by our selves and we’re all know the risk, none of you has the responsibility over this. Now every one of us already got a job, we can do everything together.’ Jerry launched himself in between Tom and John.

‘Well saying mate.’ Ringo said to Jerry.

‘Don’t you dare to protest.’ Tom said as John about to speak, as if he knows what is in John’s head.

‘He’s right, we’re capable enough to work, we may under aged but we aren’t weak and you gotta quit from your night work. We’re not allowed it otherwise we’re all go together.’ Jerry threatened.

John felt beleaguered and blackmail. But seeing his band mates look so determined with their new path, he eventually dropping all of his rejection of the working idea. John look at them one by one, they are look certain with their decision. Maybe they are right, he thought.

‘Alright, all you wish then. I can’t make you to drop this, can I?’ Finally he said.

‘You can’t.’ Replied Ringo lightly.

A bright and wide smile shown from Tom, Ringo and Jerry, their path may not easy but they are definitely ready to walking through step by step.

The Stars


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