11th – If You Please Mum


Day after day just passed without any of them even realized, since they have plenty of things to work out, school, work, practice and of course their street performance.

Thank to Ringo who arrange the schedule neatly so that they can do every schedule without any problem. He also summaries everything to make things even more easy, in fact Ringo does a role as their manager and public relations due to his proactive promoting The Stars in many ways.

It used to be John who design the pamphlet and Ringo is the one who always checked whether the print out is still available or not, he also the one who actively updating their blog, creating their own netizens community.

Four of them are gathering in the living room after practice (the living room also become a studio); they seem to be studying except Tom who does bothering the other while his cell phone ringing.

His bright face when answering the call disappears once his mother asked his whereabouts.

‘I’m in home mum, studying.’

Jerry laughed and John shoots him indicating not to make any noise. It is true they are studying, but of course not Tom.

‘I’m asking you once again, where-are-you?’ asked Tom’s mother and emphasized the sentence of where are you word by word.

‘I told you mum, I’m in home!’ replied Tom frustratingly.

‘Then tell me why Heyley can’t find you –’

Tom almost drops his cell phone because of his shock and he suddenly realized his silliness, of course no one of his family knows about his moving. Panic attacks him at once.

‘Hey… Heyley is here?’ Tom gapped.

Heyley is Tom’s twin who chooses to study in China rather than in Japan.

‘She is, so will you tell me where you are now?’

‘I’m moving mum.’ Replied Tom slowly, no choice for him but telling his mother the truth.

‘With your girlfriend?’

‘No!!!’ Tom almost shouted in shock by his mother suspicion. Girlfriend? Which one? He has no one.


Tom did not reply, he hardly to find a way to escape from this situation but he knows it will not be.


Tom let out a deep sigh before hesitantly telling his mother.

‘I live with John.’ Tom looking at John when said the word pleaded something for he does not know what for.

‘Text me the address –’


‘Text me right now otherwise dad will come to bring you home.’ His mother threatened.

‘Alright.’ Tom surrenders at last.

It was no point at all if his father involved in this matter, not before he talk to his mother first and see how her reaction is.

‘Good boy, see you at any time.’

‘See you mum.’

Tom rummaged his hair with both hands before he threw it up in frustration. The living room becomes like funeral at once, John and Ringo did not speak but looking at each other, communicating silently. Meanwhile, Jerry looking at three other in confusions, there is a big hole in his mind for what had just happening in front of him.

‘Anyone can tell me what had happening? Shouldn’t it good things if your mum comes?’ Jerry finally asked.

‘His family doesn’t agree yet with his decision to become a musician, for hobby is okay but not for profession.’ Ringo explained.

Jerry’s eyes swiveled to John and Tom backward and forward, there many things he has not know about his members.

‘That’s ridiculous, how come you guys study at the art school if your parents don’t agree?’

‘That’s no matter I’ll go to business if I enter college.’ John replied.

Jerry looked as tough Tom had hit his stomach once again, he staring at Ringo in question as he asked,

‘How about yours then?’

‘Don’t worry, mine are just fine.’ Ringo replied lightly.

‘When she’ll be here?’ John asked Tom.

‘Anytime, she’s probably taken of by now. She must be at the airport when made a call.’ Tom replied lamely as he stands up and going out of the home.

‘What do we do?’ Ringo asked.

John just shook his head for he has no idea about what will going to happen.


Tom has no desire in everything on the next day, after school he just run back home and lying on his bed side by side with his guitar, does nothing more than stare at his plain ceiling still in his uniform.

His mind travelling in many possibilities about what will happen to him once his mother arrive; will she finally understand his desire? Will she decide to send him back home like once had happened to Choi? No, she never told him to leave the band yet she never says yes either.

Tom jumped to is feet when the bell door ringing loudly in the silent home. His stomach turn over knowing the show is about to start. Here we go, he thought.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Carrick, Tom’s mother caught in surprise while seeing the house her son lives in is pretty neat and well-organized. The shoes and slippers are stuck up on the case, couch and small table in the living room is clean, nothing had scattered above it, she also sees a drum set in the corner, mic stands and some musical equipments arrange on the other side and cart contains another stuff (such as lamp) on the following side.

Kitchen room also surprisingly cleans, though couple of glasses lied on the dishwasher. Thank to the both early birds, Ringo and Jerry who always manage to clean the house before leaving for school.

‘You should call me so that I can pick you up.’ Tom said when his mother took a glass and tapping the water after opens the refry that has nothing but some veggies.

‘So this is the house now you living? Only with John?’ His mother asked.

‘No, with the other two,’

His mother raised her eyes.

‘Our members, the ones whose doing the house hold.’ Tom explained for answering his mother’s implicit question about how neat and clean the house is.

‘So your band has four members, huh?

‘Mum –’

Tom’s word was cut off by sudden noise from the front door. He and Mrs. Carrick hurriedly run to the living room which then they found two boys struggle to fit in their body into the small door at the same time.

‘No… I’m the first!’ shouted the small one.

But the other one did not giving up and pushed the small ones backward out of the door, ‘I’m win now,’ he said and took a cap from the small boy’s head.

‘No!!! That’s mine, giving it back to me! What did –’ he did not continue his swear after bumped into his fellow’s back who made a sudden stop.

It was Ringo and Jerry who competed about who is the one that get in the house first.

‘What the hell are you two doing?’ Tom asked amusingly.

Mrs. Carrick’s eyes run toward Tom and the other two boys in front of her who stand edgy and smile awkwardly.

‘Oh, she’s mum, and he’s stupid Jerry,’ Jerry’s eyes widened when Tom pointed to introducing him to Mrs. Carrick, Tom meanwhile ignoring Jerry and went on saying, ‘and he’s Ringo, our drummer.’

Mrs. Carrick just swallowed a smile for the way her son introducing Jerry. She has a thought for it.

‘Oh I didn’t see John, where is he?’ Mrs. Carrick asked after a while of silence.

‘He’s gone for work, he won’t home until eleven.’ Tom replied.

‘Work? John is work?’ Mrs. Carrick repeated.

‘He’s. I’ll be off for work too after this; four of us got work now. We need extra cash for our bill and expanses.’ Tom explained.

Mrs. Carrick’s face has change and Tom hurriedly continues explaining.

‘Mum, we’re capable enough to manage our self, I’m fine and we’re alright with this.’

Mrs. Carrick did not replays just looking at the three boys who sitting on the couch next to her one by one. They are definitely very young but seemed really determined with the path they had chosen. And her son, Tom, she find he is looks more mature somehow.

It was a moment after Tom, Ringo and Jerry left for work, Mrs. Carrick in her solitude state examining around the house. When she was on the way, she was expecting much mess since she knows how her son and John are, but she found it a big surprise instead.

More over when she opens Tom’s room, it is not a big and as luxurious as his before but it is quite neat, there are three guitars on its stands rather than on the bed, some books and papers scattered on the table but most of stack up neatly on the case.

The only book who lied on the bed is a sketch notes. She took it and another surprise hit her once again. The book full of her youngest son’s songs, the song who had chosen as a band’s song already marked and the other songs always has a note or summaries as well. Tom is indeed has a strong passion toward music.


It was almost ten when the boys come home and now it was them who caught by surprise. Smell of savory dinner growled their stomach as soon as they open the door.

‘We’re home mum,’ called out Tom to his mother who still busy in the kitchen as he throws away his bag through his room door.

‘Eh, you’re about to going out again?’ Mrs. Carrick asked to Jerry who came down hoisting his backpack.

‘Oh no, I’ll doing my homework.’

‘We’ll have dinner first then,’ Mrs. Carrick said.

‘We’ll waiting for John mum,’ it was Tom who replied.

John was home almost midnight and after exchanging short greeted, Mrs. Carrick asked them to have dinner, it is supper actually for the night is almost over.

For a moment there was no other but for clink of glasses and sounds of chewing. Mrs. Carrick however, she barely ate hers, her attention just rolling on the four kids around the table one by one. She wondering when was the last time they had a proper meal.

They sacrifice everything only for one thing, music they want to play.

Three days witnesses on how hard they make the effort to pursue their dream, Mrs. Carrick finally let her son alone.

‘I held fully responsibility for my choice mum; you don’t need to worry me.’ Said Tom at the first night she arrived.

The other thing is, Tom never asked any extra cash but he still manages to buy many of his musical instruments and according to what she had seen. Her proud to her youngest son is no bad remark from the school, indicating that he is doing well both  in and out of the school.

Beside she can see a deep plea from her only son once he asked for her bless.

‘If you please mum, I’m asking no more than your okay. I have no idea for what I’ll doing in the future but music. I got to do this, please.’

The Stars


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