13rd – Dream of the Dream


Creating a dream is pretty easy but to make it reality that was something different. Need a lot of effort and consistent commitment for that, besides hardship is the most of thing to deal with.

This thing also happens to The Stars, stages to perform already not their problem anymore but for the album production it was another thing.

‘I’m home,’ John called once he enters the living room, the other members already waiting for him for practice.

Tom strumming his guitar randomly, Ringo sets up his drum while Jerry doing his photograph assignment with his laptop.

Tom raised his head and his eyebrows joined one, ‘what happen with your face? You like as though somebody had dump you.’

John shrugged and launches himself on the couch beside Jerry. ‘Study huh,’

‘Hee…’ Jerry mumbled something without losing his eyes from the screen.

John let out a deep breath.

‘I don’t think we can start to record soon.’ John said.

‘What did you mean?’ Tom asked.

John takes some papers from his rucksack and show it to the already gather his members.

‘That’s the estimates bill we gotta pay for hundred copies and not included expanses we need during pre-production, studio rental and everything.’

‘It’s only for hundred?’ Tom repeated.

John nodded slowly, ‘what do we do?’

No one replied, Tom still holding the papers as he leaned his back, thinking deep. They are in trouble, definitely.

‘Will you welcome anyone who wants to help us?’ Ringo asked carefully.

‘What do you talking about?’ John asked.

Ringo did not reply but he is gone in to his room and put two bank accounts book on the table once he is back to the living room where his members sitting together.

‘What is this?’ Tom asked.


‘Ringo, do aunty favor, will you?’ Mrs. Carrick asked Ringo once they were at home alone.

‘If I can do, I will, sure.’

Mrs. Carrick held out a small book for Ringo knows pretty clearly it was bank account book. Ringo say nothing but looking at his band mate’s mother.

‘Help me to keep this; you guys can use it once you needed.’ Tom’s mother explained.

‘But aunty, why didn’t you give it to Tom right away?’ Ringo asked.

‘You know him. His pride won’t let it. So… will you?’

Ringo said nothing for a moment; he was not sure since he knows what Mrs. Carrick said about Tom is true, and what Tom will do to him if he does what Mrs. Carrick’s will?

‘Aunty, I don’t think –’

‘Take it as emergency fund, is that okay? None knows, just two of us.’ Mrs. Carrick insisted as she pushes the book to Ringo.

 It took sometimes for Ringo to nodded, emergency fund, yeah; hopefully they will never need it. He thought.


Tom stared at Ringo and looking at the other members one to another.

‘So it’s came from mum?’ Tom asked.

Ringo nodded and pushes the book to Tom so he can check it.

‘I’ve never check it though but aunty said she’ll send some other amount. And this is our saving.’ Ringo said as he held out the other book to John.

‘What did you mean by our saving?’ John asked in confusion and examined the book.

Ringo swallowed, ‘I make another accounts, sorry, I took some from ours and kept it away from you guys.’ He explained half scared half pleaded not to be blame.

‘How long it’s been?’ Tom asked.

‘From the start we decided the band and make separate account.’ Ringo replied in a small voice. ‘I’m sorry, I mean nothing, and I just think that we need some –’ Tom’s mother voice suddenly ringing in Ringo’s head, emergency fund. ‘– emergency fund, I didn’t mean to keep it for my self really.’ Ringo looked to John; Tom and Jerry with kind of desperation, his voice was smaller than before.

‘Hey, can you hear us complaining?’ Jerry asked.

‘Yeah, you’re great mate, I’ve never even think about that,’ John said.

‘So it won’t be a problem anymore?’ Jerry asked.

‘Because our great manager,’ continued John and patted Ringo’s shoulder.

Ringo smiled.


‘Why didn’t this song sounds right?’ John complained in frustration, he already record almost ten versions but all seems lacking something.

John looking at the other members, Ringo and Jerry leaned head to head sleeping; meanwhile, Tom seems to learn something from the book he read. John checking his watch, it is already 3.15 in the morning. And they will have performance at 3.00 afternoon this day since today is Sunday. For a moment, John just simply watching his surrounding before he collected everything and packed it. It was no point for him to insist he himself to work, maybe he need some rest and definitely his members too.

‘Oh, you’re finish?’ Tom asked when he saw John packing their stuff and start helping him.

‘Yeah, we’ll have performance later, we gotta rest and it wouldn’t do to over sleep.’ John replied.

Both of them just wake the other two up once they were ready to go home.


‘Excuse me sir, this is your order, spaghetti Bolognese.’ Jerry said as he placing a plate in front of the half aged man.

‘Oh thank you, it seems tasty.’ The man said looking at his order, he raised his eyes and when meet up with Jerry’s he asked, ‘did we ever meet before?’

‘If you are a regular customer here, you are definitely often seeing me.’ Jerry smiled.

‘No, not in here, did you working at the other places?’

‘Oh no, I am not sir, anything else sir?’ Jerry asked politely.

The man smiled, ‘no, nothing, thank you.’

‘Well, enjoy your meal sir.’


Summer holiday is about to approaching, and here they are, The Stars busying themselves to record their first album. Day and night all they had doing just around their music and their deadline to have the album finish before school holiday was accomplished.

‘Is this really our album?!’ Ringo asked in excitement.

His other members just laughed.

‘Ahhh really, I can’t believe this, finally we have our own album!!!’

‘Hey, don’t too excited, from now on we have a lot of work to do.’ Tom said.

‘You’re really good in spoilt other happiness. Ringo sulked, ‘oh course I know that.’

‘Don’t expect too much, it’s just the beginning that should be hard though,’ reminded John.


Jerry wiped his sweat on his forehead, this Sunday the sun shining so bright and quite hot as well. Jerry and his band mates split path to distribute their pamphlets after performances.

John was right; nothing is easy, especially in the beginning. As well as The Stars, today is the first day they start selling their first album, but no one of the audiences buys it. They just took, examined a while and put it back and it happens repeatedly.

Four guys out of nowhere trying to climb up their dream with stage as their staircases and music as their air to breathe, however, on the way to have a spotlight on the stage, they have to face and get rid uncountable obstacles.


‘Why didn’t you put your album on store?’ asked Mrs. Smith that day when John was telling her about their first album.

And John start thinking about what Mrs. Smith had said previously. Mrs. Smith definitely is right; they supposed to put their album on the music store to capture a bit more buyer but are that possible for them to do since they are not selling any of the copy yet, will the store has faith in them?

‘What did you think?’ Tom asked as he sits beside his leader.

John shook his head, ‘nothing.’

Tom shrugged and he began to strum his guitar.

‘Some days ago Mrs. Smith telling me about selling our album in the music store.’ John began his story and he recounted his conversation with Mrs. Smith.

Tom nodded without replying any of John’s word since he has the same thought before.

‘What if we do that after we sell of our first copies?’ Jerry suddenly joins their conversation.

John raised his head. ‘We sell no one.’ He said.

‘We will if we keep on working.’ Jerry said confidently. ‘You know, once we have ability to sell our copies now it will give a bit of confident to the store to display ours. How do you think?’

Both John and Tom shrugged,

‘Nice theory,’ John said.

The Stars


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