15th – It’s Just Us, The Stars


‘We have to remember, it’ll going to be a big deal if we stick to our plan, you know, MD Corp isn’t a small company.’ Said John.

His three other members nodded as acknowledge.

‘Which mean we gotta put more effort to let them know, it wasn’t mistake they trust us and our decision is right.’ John continue saying.

‘Will they agree with our request?’ Jerry asked.

‘It’s about they take it or we reject.’ John replied before Tom could say anything.

‘But mate, if it’s true we’re about to join them, it’s definitely there some points we can’t reject.’ Ringo said.

‘What did you mean?’ Tom asked.

‘Well, we’re amateur now and we’re about to jump to the pro stage which mean we gotta be pro –’

‘The point is…’ Tom cut across.

‘− we don’t have pro manager yet for instance, and I’m sure they will provide us one which definitely the manager is under MD and not us.’

Both Tom and John look at each other, realizing their missing concern. How come they did not aware about that?

John quickly read the draft again searching the point which they might lose their freedom.

‘Blimey, that’s good you remind us about that matter.’ John shook his head as he writing notes on the contract draft.

‘Anyway, tomorrow there will be you two again right? To go to MD, I might be home late for my extra class.’ Jerry said.

Both of John and Tom nodded.

‘You and Ringo better prepared for our performance.’ Tom said.

‘What if we meet at Shibuya? I, we,’ Ringo point out he himself and Jerry, ‘will go there first and you guys don’t need to come home.’

‘We can do that.’ Jerry said quickly before John could reject the idea. It seems Jerry knows what the leader will say.

John smiled acknowledge Jerry seems can read his mind and above of everything he is really proud with their both youngest in the team. He always treats them as fragile glass but he knows they are stronger and tougher that he or everybody ever thought they will be.

‘Didn’t you suppose to go to the CD Company?’ Tom asked.

Ringo shrugged, ‘I don’t have extra class tomorrow, I’ll go right away from school and I think I’ll be at home before Jerry, there’s no problem.’

‘Okay then, we’ll just meet up at Shibuya, but please call us –’

‘Don’t treat us like kids!’ Jerry cut across John.

Both of John and Tom burst into laughter, well yeah maybe they should stop with the habits.


The meeting went well, though they need a lot of effort to convince the company that they will not harm the company’s name by their lacking experience in musical stuff since they are refused to use the company’s another hands in every of their music.

‘It’s just us, The Stars.’ Concluded John while he insists about they are not under the company but partner and no one of them could do anything without agreement from both side.

Mr. Fong, however, praising John and Tom’s strong will and idealism, how come in such a young age these boys have this high determination?

‘You should know Mr. Fong we don’t do follow the mainstream and it won’t change just because we are joining your company.’ John continued.

John is indeed a strong and reliable leader, Mr. Fong thought and also as stubborn as he thought John will be.

‘Well, let see how your first album went and we decided further.’ Mr. Fong smiled.

‘We’re going to sell another hundreds copies, it will be ready by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.’ Tom explained.

‘Wow, that’s good.’ Surprised Mr. Fong.

‘I think it was you that bring luck to us sir, after we met that day, Jerry was able to sell most of them.’ John explained.

‘Ah Jerry, yes he is good in persuading and has a good marketing sense as well. So, what is your activity today?’

‘We’ll have street performance this afternoon.’ John replied.

Both John and Tom leave Mr. Fong office with a better acknowledge that it will definitely not easy to prove their ability and keep standing on their own feet.

‘Well we’ll see you again in the near time and see how the contract will do.’ Once Mr. Fong bade these boys goodbye.

Now their goal is not only to sell as many copies as possible but also how to prove, their decision is right, and it is adding their task for sure.


Another path, another destiny but still with the same dream, here is The Stars today, singing their dream out loud so that people out there recognize them. Keep on playing although the spotlight is never be theirs. Singing with all they have even their audience’s only kids. The beats they hold firmly though the world asked them to go. This is the dream, passion and in the in the end it will be the world, The Stars’s world, once they eventually have their own stage and spotlight for their own.

Under the late summer sunlight in the middle of the crowd four young boys playing their music without caring their surrounding, enjoying themselves as though no one else but them.

People pass them by just like the world that keep on running and rolling. A couple stop by, listening. Captivated with the way the young boys deliver their dream through music. The couple followed the other; they take their time to try to listen to the young boy’s dream.

The little circle ended up with big cheer today, the audiences satisfied and The Stars member’s feels like they just a big concert.

‘You guys are good, keep working on that way; we’d like to see you next time on the bigger stage.’ Said the couple before they bade the boys goodbye.


From no body The Stars began to walk, put their step one after another and kicked aside every obstacle that lied next to them.

‘I meet Mr. Fong today, it’s like there’s nothing happen, did he ever called you after your last meeting?’ Jerry asked John when both of them packed their CD into boxes.

John shook his head and wiping his sweat with his back hand.

‘No, he didn’t. If he did I’ll tell you guys right away.’

Jerry nodded, acknowledge what John said true.

‘Anyway as I said, it was about they take it or we leave, I have no matter for joining the company or not. You see we can do everything by ourselves what else we can’t do? You did very well in selling and as long as we keep up our work we’ll be able to release second and third single.’ John said.

‘Didn’t you think it was my fault?’ Tom that was busy with his guitar suddenly joining the conversation.

 ‘What did you mean?’ asked Ringo as he laid two glasses of water on the table beside John and Jerry.

‘Well you guys know what I mean.’ Tom shrugged.

‘No it wasn’t yours. We’re all decide by ourselves remember?’ John replied.

‘I was just think that you guys shouldn’t suffer like this –’

Before Tom could finish his word, a sketch books flying to him whose he caught it immediately before hit his face. It was Jerry and he said,

‘What’s wrong with you? Did you take pill? After all we’ve been through and finally your mum leaves you alone, you said you made mistake?’

‘Well yeah, sorry. Anyway I have a new song.’ Tom said defensively.

‘That’s just right.’ Ringo laughed.

Mr. Fong and the contract stuff leave behind at once. It was just like usual, music always to be the most their distraction. No matter what problem had struck them music is their resolution.

Actually, four of them never know there are people who always keep their eyes on them. Their live performances, CD sales and even their blog, yes it was Mr. Fong. He keeps monitoring The Stars silently and to his surprise those young boy are just beyond of his expectation. Time to time their sales increase and their fan base growing rapidly.

Space they did perform on street garnered a big impact to their join stage on Sunday and number of people who come to D&D every time they do live performance growing day by day.


That night was another crowd in the D&D and The Stars gives their all singing and jumping happily due to the good respond of the audiences.

‘Do me a favor okay, can you see my place is no longer suit for them. They need a bigger stage, I don’t get what you’re waiting for, don’t blame them if you lost your chance.’ Mrs. Smith said while she leaned against the glass door with arm crossed.

Meanwhile, the one Mrs. Smith talks with, he just enjoying music The Stars played and once in a time he sips his coffee.

‘How’s their progress?’ He asked.

‘What progress?’

He shrugged.

‘Last time Ringo had told me that they already sell over than 500 copies within a month. That number is by themselves I don’t asked about the store, I know they’ve put some.’

He nodded, still has no replies.

‘Cristo,’ it was Mr. Fong who speaks with Mrs. Smith. ‘Look, all you need to do just dress them up a bit and with a little polishing they could be your great assets.’ Suggest Mrs. Smith as she takes her seat in front of Mr. Fong.

Mr. Fong shook his head, ‘they aren’t as flexible as that.’ He then recounted their contract story month ago.

Mrs. Smith’s eyes widened in surprise and she laughed.

‘Well, that’s what I thought, no surprise then.’

‘For young guys and they insisted we’re partner, they’re don’t want belong to us, they have a great bravery.’

Mrs. Smith’s laughter grows louder.

‘I told you from the start, they’re different, otherwise John wouldn’t leave the company.’

Mr. Fong nodded. ‘Well let see how they will do with the contract.’

The Stars


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