16th – THe Stars, the Dream is Here


Sunny Sunday morning, four young boys cheerfully leave their house with trolley full of their equipments. Two of them push the trolley while the two other hoisted guitar case and old rucksack contain their CD album.

Wide smile never leave their face, as they are walking through the pave to their destination, a great place to having fun with their fans.

‘How many is your target today?’  Tom asked Jerry who walked in front of him.

‘I broke my record last Sunday with 40 copies, today 50, hehehe…’ Jerry replied confidently.

‘Anyway, I’m wondering how your trick to sell many is.’ Added Ringo.

‘Easy, just like this,’ Jerry stops in pushing; straight his back up and turn to Ringo, placing his two fore-fingers each on his lip corner and made a wide smile.

‘Silly!’ Said Tom and pat the back of the youngest member’s head.

John and Ringo roared with laughter at once.

Jerry shrugged, ‘really, all I need to do is just smile.’

‘Yeah a silly smile,’ Tom said.

‘Anyway Tom, do you know why you can’t sell many? They’re scare with you. It’s true you’re the best-looking among us, but you have the problem with your personality, even aunty confess it to me.’ Jerry stuck out his tongue.

‘What did you say?!’

Jerry shrugged and starts pushing the trolley.

‘Seriously, you gotta have girlfriend to learn how to behave…’

Another pat hit Jerry’s head before he could finish his speaking.

‘Hey! What is your problem? I said the truth.’

Meanwhile John and Ringo smiled and enjoying the fight.

‘Cat and mouse fight.’ John mumbled and Ringo’s smile grown wide but it was clear enough for Tom to hear which he looked at John and Ringo instantly.

John took a step back and threw his both hands in surrender, ‘you two go on fighting.’

Meanwhile, Ringo burst out in to laughter and runaway before Tom caught him.


‘Hi, may I have your sign please?’ asked the group of university students-like once The Stars stage is over.

Four of The Stars members looking at each other, sign? Did they hear right? Somebody asked them to sign their CD, please underlined their CD, The Stars’s CD.

‘Oh sure,’ replied Jerry enthusiastically and the other members follow him with half believe half daydreamed as if they are asked to wear mini skirt instead.

‘You guys are amazing.’ Praised one guy in westerns looks.

‘Thanks,’ John smiled.

‘Its true that you’re guys composed all of these?’ The other girl asked to Jerry.

‘Both of them do the most.’ Jerry point out to John and Tom who stand beside him.

‘I hope we’ll see you in the bigger stage, you guys deserve it.’ the other girl said.

‘Thank you for your support. Well yeah we’d love too.’ Ringo smiled.

‘Thank you very much, keeps supporting us!!!’ shouted Jerry as the group bade The Stars goodbye and waving the CD The Stars just signed as respond.

No one of them has move or speak, John, Tom, Ringo and Jerry standing dead on they were. What had just happening on them is beyond of their imagination. Somebody had asked them to sign on their CD.

‘Can I call us as celebrity right now? Blimey, ten people had just asked us to sign our CD, OUR CD!!!’ Ringo yelled in excitement.

‘Eleven,’ corrected Jerry.

‘Oh, is it? There eleven guys?’ repeated Ringo.

The other three members laughed seeing how Ringo’s excitement is.

‘Okay, now it’s my turn, I’ll sell hundred today.’ Said Jerry and clung the rucksack on his left shoulders, ‘just wait for me to come back with empty bag.’

‘Hey Jerry, what are you doing, Jerry!’ Called out John.

‘I’ll be back soon!’ Jerry called back and vanishes on the crowd leaving the other three in confusion.


The sun sits low on the edge of the bright afternoon sky. John, Tom and Ringo sit together on the park bench waiting for Jerry who has not come back yet. It been hours and probably Ringo had call his cell for hundred times already but still no answers and Jerry still nowhere they can be seen.

‘Where the hell is he?’ Tom grunted.

‘He eats nothing since morning, could it be… ah no, he’s strong.’ Ringo murmured as he pushed away the bad idea.

 ‘What did he think –’ John said.

‘I told you he’s stupid and that does never be change!’ Clearly Tom is irritated.

‘There he is!’ Shouted Ringo pointed out to the distance.

A tall guy walking beautifully as if he is walk on the catwalk, his left shoulder hoisting a rucksack and his right hand waving to his friends who stand up almost at the same time Ringo yelled.

John tugged Tom’s arm once Tom about to approached Jerry.

‘Where have you been? You don’t need to do that.’ John said.

‘Sorry mates, I didn’t mean that but you see,’ Jerry shoving an empty rucksack to his band mates.

‘Whoa, you really did it?!’ Ringo shouted in surprise and checked the bag hastily.

It is really empty.

Ringo raised his head looking at Jerry, John and Tom with open-mouthed.

‘Here, you don’t eat anything since morning.’ John passes Jerry rice ball Ringo had prepared from the house.

‘Oh, you left some for me? Ahh it was so touches,’ Jerry said cutely and bites a big chunk.

‘Once again you did something like this; you better packed your stuff!’ Tom snarled.

Jerry answers it with wide and cute smile.

‘Anyway, I come back late because I help granny to sell her flowers.’ Jerry said with his mouth full of rice.

‘What did you mean?’ John asked.


Jerry was taken some rest in the park bench when he saw an old woman busily selling flowers.

‘Do you want to buy some flowers?’ The elderly asked as Jerry approaching her.

Jerry smiled and shook his head as replied and he offered help instead, ‘may I help you to sell?  Those flowers are beautiful.’

The elderly seems surprise with Jerry’s offer. She looks at Jerry from head to toe. But without waiting of her approval, Jerry put down his rucksack; take place behind the trolley and start offering the flowers to the strangers.

‘Oh this pink rose is as beautiful as you, it’ll suit you the most,’ persuaded Jerry to the beautiful woman with slender feature and small face who choosing the flowers.

She smiled toward Jerry.

‘I’m serious, this flower suit you the most.’ Jerry insisted.

‘Your grandson is a good seller.’ She commented.

‘I learn from granny, she’s great.’ Jerry replied quickly, ‘so, will you buy it?’

‘You see, he insisted.’ She laughed toward the elderly.

Three of them laughed.

‘Well, wrap me beautifully okay, I’ll give it to my mother.’

‘As you wish ma’am,’ replied Jerry and he quickly busying wrapping the small pot with beautiful pink roses.

While she is waiting for Jerry wrapping her flower, she noticed a rucksack who lied open nearby and some half of CD had appeared.

‘Is that yours?’ She asked.

Jerry took a glance and nodded.

She took a step closer; took one CD and examining it closely, ‘this CD is also yours?’

For a second times Jerry turn his head, ‘yes, it is my band’s CD.’

Without Jerry’s notice as he still busy wrapping the pot, she looking at Jerry and the CD she held backward and forward.

Does it he? She thought before she took her cell-phone and made a call.

‘Here is your special gift. Your mother must be happy.’ Jerry passes beautifully pinky wrapping pot with his usual smile.

‘Thank you. And now, may I have your favor?’ The woman asked. ‘Ah, my name is Katherine, you can call me Kath and you’re Jerry aren’t you?’ Jerry’s eyes widened, how come she knows his name? ‘I read on the CD.’ Kath answered Jerry’s question look as she waving the CD on her hand.

Jerry smiled.

‘So, Kath, how do I can help you?’ Jerry asked.

‘How many CD do you have?’

‘It’s more than 50 copies.’ Jerry pointed out his rucksack.

Kath nodded and smiled.

‘That’s enough for now, can you come with me?’ Kath asked.

For the second times Kath stunned Jerry. Jerry however examining the woman, whom stands next to him closely, what she wanted, from him? She did not explain for what he has to come with her, she also asked about the CD. What this is all about?

‘Do I look like somebody who will kidnap you?’ Kath asked since Jerry did not replied her.

Jerry seems realized where he was and laughed when he heard Kath’s question.

‘Just go with her, you bring me luck and I give it back you.’ Suggest granny smiled.

‘Alright, so where do we go?’ Jerry nodded as his agreement to Kath’s offers and granny suggestion.

Once both of them on the Kath’s car, Kath starts explaining if her friends are the big fan of The Stars, they have followed The Stars blog and enjoyed the video Ringo had uploaded frequently and want to have The Stars first single.

‘Why didn’t you asked them to come to Yoyogi, we’re always there on Sunday.’ Jerry said.

Kath shook her head. ‘They aren’t from Tokyo, they’re live at the several cities.’

Jerry turns his head to face Kath to his surprise, ‘what did you mean by several cities?’

‘You didn’t know that your fans are already spreading? One of my friends running on fan base and it’s about The Stars.’ Kath explained with surprise in her voice.

‘Whoa… no kidding.’

‘Who is in charge to update your blog?’

‘It’s our drummer, Ringo –’

‘And you guys never discuss it?’ Jerry shook his head. ‘Well no surprise then.’ Kath laughed.


 The three other The Stars member listens to the Jerry’s story with fully attention. Luckily the bus is empty, so they can have back seat only for them comfortably.

All of them seem as amaze as Jerry when Kath told the story for the first time.

‘Do you know the fan base?’ Tom asked to Ringo.

‘I don’t know, I just know some users that visiting our blog frequently.’ Ringo shook his head.

‘Well, this is an amazing story.’ John said.

Another flash of light sparkle in every of The Stars member, the story Jerry had told is another boast to their confident as they are believing their dream is not far away. It is already here, dancing around them; just need the right moment to catch it.

‘Have a good night, uncle!’ Jerry shouted before the bus leaves bus station.

Bus uncle driver waved his hand as respond.

The Stars


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