18th – Th Stars, an Unbeaten Dream


A new generation of the young hot blood is coming with strong passion and high dream. It was their will who keep them on the straight line no matter what may happen.

Their stage is getting big and bigger and surely it is always certain and proper stage. People no longer gathering in a small circle crowd but now they have to line up to see the boys rocking up the stage.

As the winter comes along delivering chilly and shivering day, The Stars however, they spread their heat in every stage they stand at instead. This is what they had dreamed for so long, to have their own stage with genuine musical taste.

That is how the time change and how the world changes their way to see those boys who stay firm in their dream. Right now The Stars is no longer can be seen at the park or street anymore.

Experiences they had from street, hunger and lacking trust towards each other bonding them into certain unity that people hardly seen today and let them learn how to trust and share.

They are, The Stars, or maybe just one star people might be able to see in the night sky but surely this is brighter and has a brilliant spark among the others

‘You have to keep this in your mind, we’re different and we’ll suffer in the different way too, this is us and only us, we’ve nothing but each other so lets continue this no matter what.’ John said one day, when they had running out everything and keeping The Stars alive in seems almost impossible.

But as you can see, there nothing is impossible when the dream take over your life, The Stars had proved it in the right way. Strong will for never give up have delivered a great opportunity and of course their own stage to rock on and share their dream to their rapid growing fans.

Street by street and café to café turn into live house into live house. Night after night living only with their instruments to play and song to record, The Stars is now a promising rising star with bunch of fans that willing to coming around whenever they have the stage to perform.

These young musicians now break the rules; creating a new world and filling it up with their sound and this will continue to the days to come.


‘Where’s Ringo?’ Tom looked around and found their drummer is nowhere he can be seen.

‘He’s probably shut him self up in the restroom.’ Jerry replied.

‘There he is.’ Said John pointed out to the guy who just open dressing room’s door.

‘Where the hell have you been?’ Snapped Tom as the countdown started and the other stood up, ready to get out from the dressing room.

‘Sorry,’ Ringo grinned.

‘I’m afraid you can’t play the drum, once you see audience, 15000 hahaha.’ Jerry teased for he knows Ringo’s heart must be beating like crazy right now.

Jerry’s laugh vanishes all at once when Jerry caught Tom shoot him with his usual fierce glare.

‘Well, let’s do it.’ John said as he held out his hand and followed by the other three.



Followed by audience and John’s shouting out loud the light on the stage start shining on, the venue getting wild at once; today is just the another day, like the other day when The Stars rocking out the stage.

It seems to fast for them but right after they have signed with MD Corp, not only The Stars CD that flies out all over Japan but also they, themselves. Yes, now The Stars visiting many cities across Japan to see their fans and have fun with them on the stage.

Powerfully and playfully led by John, Tom, Ringo and Jerry heating up the chilly night with their numerous releases, they are new, no doubt about it but they know pretty clearly how to reunite the audiences and this was something they never have learned in the classroom but a precious lesson from the streets.

Even though the stage is simple; do not have fancy lighting or stuffy stage and only big The Stars logo hanging behind them. And for sure they do not need it either. Because all they need are instruments to play and mic to sing.

Fan chants and chorus keep on heard inside the venue which sometimes fan’s voice louder than John’s. And whenever that happens, fans could see their perfect smile in return.

The narrowness stage make the only focus goes into the stage and audience closeness giving the feeling as though they do street live but with proper stage and equipments set.

And that how the night always ended up in every city they had visited. Crowd gathering to send them off as if never willing the fun time will never over and The Stars could provide and keep singing with them all night along, and then another crowd will line up waiting for The Stars in the another city and another schedule to rock on.


The Stars unbeaten dream is definitely win over the world’s judgments.  And give them another credit for what they have done thus far.

As The Stars always singing their lungs loud in the song Jerry had composed and completed by all the members, an Unbeaten Dream,


An Unbeaten Dream

What do you see in my eyes?

It is the lights that never-fading

What do you feel when I’m singing?

It is the song for the dream


Don’t try to oppose me

I might ignore you

Don’t try to stop me 

I might push you away


Here is stands my unbeaten dream

Along with the rocking sweat

When the stars never stop gleaming

And this is how my dream keep shining

Cause this is my unbeaten dream


What do you think when I push the cart

For my entire wish has been stay inside

What you will do to bring me down?

Because you know there’s nothing


I run after the darkest night

To find my starlight

I run after the brightest sun

Just to grab my spotlight


Here I am now

Spread my wings, flying high

Reaching the starry night sky

In to the one and only place for the stars shining bright


The Stars may find their place now, but their dream will not quit on that stage. The offspring musician still has very long way to go. As the time change and the world does follow the natural flow, the band facing another challenge to keep their idealism firm and keeping their mindset as same as once they had start to play the music they want.

And what they will do to keep their creativity alive in order hang on their existence in the entertainment industry? Because they are like or not they are an industry now and business itself does many tricks to set everyone inside.


The Stars


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