1st – First Impression



It is just like the other afternoon, after class done, three students always gather together in the back yard, at the old basketball field who already leaved behind. They are not from the same class nor do same grades but they have one passion who tied them together, music.

But today, there only two of them, the elders.

‘We gotta find a new bassist.’ The ones who played guitar randomly said.

The other one did not respond, but keep playing his ball.

‘You didn’t hear me did you?’ Again he said louder.

The boy stop dribbling and in one moment or so he pass the ball to the boy who sitting in the edge of the low wall near by. He has no preparation but his reflect was quite good to catch the ball.

‘What the hell are you doin?! I’m holding guitar!’ yelled him.

The other one grinning and climb up beside the irritated boy.

‘I hear you,’ he said in low voice and sipped the water beside him. ‘I still can play though.’ He went on saying.

‘But I can’t keep up the pace, bloody hell, why was Choi had to go back to Korea; he leaves all the mess to us.’ He gets more irritated and put his guitar aside harshly.

‘Easy Tom, his family didn’t allowed him to, what can we do?’

‘Neither mine? But you see I’m still here, do you know why?’

‘Search me,’

‘I mean it John; we gotta find a new bassist.’

John not gives the answer yet when another noise came from behind them. John spun around while Tom only took a glance.

‘What’s up,’ the new comer greeted cheerfully.

‘How many boxes you got today,’ Tom asked while he put back his guitar and start strummed it.

‘What?’ apparently he quite confuses with Tom’s question and look at John for help instead.

With silent communication John tells him what does Tom’s mean and Ringo just smile lightly.

Actually Tom just indicated about chocolate boxes Ringo almost everyday received from girls. Well, among they are three; it was always Ringo that received many gift and food or snack.

‘So, what upsetting my brotha,’ toothy grin Ringo asked.

Tom gave Ringo a fierce glare and about to snap him before somebody else all in sudden and out of nowhere jump to the hole under   Tom and John are sitting.

‘Who the hell –’ snapped Tom to the intruder.

‘–hssss… ‘The intruder hushed Tom even before he finishes his swearing.

Having interjected by unknown and obviously highly unwanted stranger when he felt irritated the most, Tom comes to his rage. He put down his guitar he just putted back and about to confront the impolite boy when another rush coming.

‘We gotta find him!’ shout one girl.

‘I saw he runs up here, where’s he?’ Another shouting heard.

‘I swear he’ll pay the price, oh let’s see where he has hid…’ her word was cut off once she realizes there are guys looking at them with confuse and irritated (the one should be Tom) face.

Ringo recognize one of them is his classmates and he asked, ‘what are you doing?’

‘Umm… I… we… and what are you doing here?’ she gapped so instead of replying Ringo’s question she asked him.

Ringo laughed while John turn around so that he now face to face with the girls and he could exactly telling that whoever who hid under the wall (if he stupid enough to stand up) is under his shoes too, plus John excitedly spreading his charm to his juniors.

‘Here is our place.’ Ringo replied.

‘You –’ John’s word was interrupted by the girl with slender feature whose her hair tied into pony-tail.

‘Have you seen a tall guy run or hiding, we saw him runs up here.’

Tom is looking at the girl instantly and she took a step back instead, however, Tom is their senior plus they did not know him in person and the most of thing is there no friendly sign at all on his face.

‘What you will give me in return if I let you know?’ John teases her before Tom gives the intruder away.

Knowing what John will do with the girls, Tom put his guitar back, played it randomly (again) and enjoying himself.

Meanwhile the one who hid under the wall hold his breath and praying for John does not give him away.

John teasingly smiles and finally point out at the distant, to the corridor that led to the gym, before he said, ‘I don’t know who you guys looking for but I saw someone runs up there.’

One girl in white cardigan looking at him in doubt but John stare her back waiting for her to argue, though she seems to believe him in the end.

John or none had never knows how relieve it was for the one who is hiding.

After saying thank you, the five of the girl hurriedly leaving and run after the one they are looking for.

‘You save now, they’re gone.’  Said John but the one he indicated already climb up and patting his pants to sweep the dust away.

‘Thanks,’ he said with wide smile, mischievous face that makes Tom’s face hardened.

‘What’re you doing so those girls chasing you up?’ Ringo asked.

He shrugged and lightly saying that he was set up by his mates and those girls thought all was his. Having no more business and afraid that the girls might come back once they find him nowhere, he takes his steps away and waving hand to his savior.

There was silent pause among them, only the sound of random song Tom has playing.

‘Can we have our time now?’ finally it was Tom who broke the silence.

His question makes the two of his friend facing him at the same time. With question look Ringo look at him and John back and forth.

‘Alright, as you wish, shall we hiring by audition?’ said John slowly.

Ringo’s eyes widened and his brow furrowed, ‘what was this all about?’

‘He wants a new bassist.’

Tom did not gives any replay, he just look at Ringo as if he is waiting for another rejection.

‘Bassist,’ Ringo murmured. ‘Ahhh… Jerry, what about Jerry?’ Ringo said almost yelling with excitement.

‘Who?’ John and Tom asked in chorus.

‘Jerry, the guy who had hidden behind you,’ Ringo explained. ‘He’s same grade with me.’

‘That guy? No way!’ Tom shoots quickly.

To his surprise by Tom’s reaction, Ringo asked the reason and Tom simply saying that the boy is the stupid type.

Ringo rolled his eyes by listening Tom’s reaction.

‘Heaven sake, what happen with your reaction? You don’t even know him,’ Ringo laughed.

Tom nodded.

‘Oh please, didn’t you see what he had doing just now? Believe me I can see that he likes fooling around; in fact, he’s deadly stupid.’ Tom said.

‘Hey mate you think too far,’ John gave his opinion to his irritated friend, Tom, and turn to Ringo, ‘how do you know if he plays bass?’

‘I saw him playing often; we’re at the same class for literary, well, he…. ‘Ringo seems remember something so he cut off his word.

‘He what?’ Tom Asked.

Ringo ignored that question and saying that he unable to practice today due to his exams tomorrow instead.

‘Ahhh I got a lot of homework to do too, why do I take literary this semester? Ochhh it’s make me crazy, poems, short stories…’ Grunted John while jump down and collect his book, shoving them recklessly to his rucksack.

‘You’re not going?’ John asked as Tom did not make any movement just stay sit still.

‘Let him alone, he wanna find some inspiration,’ Ringo teased Tom.

Slowly Tom hoisted his bag that lied desperately on the old paved basketball field under. Clung his bag on one shoulder and held his guitar on the other hands, Tom followed the other two leave the place.

The Stars


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