2nd – Something Inside


It was another night that Tom appears in John’s house, simply spending time, playing music while they do not have any practice schedule. This night, Tom looks so desperate, seems he has something deep in his thought, however, John did not pay him much intention since his paper need to be finish by tomorrow or he fail on the literary class.

Seeing his friend busy, Tom did not immediately touching guitar or keyboard, he silently watching John from the couch he sink in. it was silent, just sound of paper flip in and out as John looking for some ideas.

‘Is there any problem? You look terrible.’ John asked without loosing his eyes from his laptop monitor.

John heard a heavy sigh he knows from his best friend.

‘Nothing, sure, just need accompany, you go on with your stuff.’ Tom replied weakly.

John chuckled, he turn his back to see the boy who sink deeply in the coach near him.

‘Liar’ John said quietly.

‘Okay, I just… I just was thinking about our future.’ Finally Tom spit his thought up, hesitantly.

John quit typing and again, he turns his back as Tom stood up.

‘About what?’ John asking, lately, John feels that his best friend has a lot of stuff to think especially after Choi’s departure from their band a month ago.

‘Seriously nothing, your paper needs to be finish by tomorrow, I’ll just have some sleep.’ Tom said and disappears into the room next to him.

Although they did not actually live together but John’s house is kind of Tom’s too. Whenever he needs friend he will just slip out to John’s. He even has a key so that he can drop by any time. In fact, both Tom and John rarely went out on their own. This is no surprise most of the people think that they are relatives and live together.

Once Tom inside the room, John thinks what was in Tom’s head and suddenly he realized that he never thinks the way Tom’s. Before, it was him who suggested joining band. He loves music, crazy instead, and so far, he has no idea what his future looks like if quitting music. But then again, it was him also who seems less interest in recruiting a new member. The truth is, deep inside him he wants that Choi might back. That is the true reason he never thinks about new member.

John let out a heavy sigh when he checks out their practice and gig schedules, before he start to finish his paper again.


The night gig was completely amazing. Audience very high and Crazy M just like blown up. Maybe about hundreds of people come today and that was another good achievement for them.

‘Good job man.’ Mike patted John’s back while they rest in the back bar.

John smiling wide and lift up his glass in cheers.

‘Thanks buddy,’ said Tom.

‘Yeah this is crazy night.’ Added Ringo and he slump down to the sofa. ‘Can I have some sleep here?’ Ringo went on asking.

‘Get up, have hand to close down, you can sleep later.’ Tom said in full of authority’s voice.

Mike laugh and Ringo sullen, though in the end he gets up on his feet and following the other two to help Mike close the café.

It was pretty late when they are four arriving at John’s house. The house is like their base camp after all, Tom and Ringo always stay at John’s house once they had done gig at Crazy M, because it always late and John’s house is the nearest place.

‘I can’t imagine what had happen today.’ Said John once they gather at the couch and stretching their feet to the table.

‘Ouuuuhh crazy night, no power left.’ Said Ringo as he sink low.

‘But as you can see, I can’t keep up the pace, I mean it. We can’t continue this way.’ Tom said.

John sighs and straight his back up, ‘alright, I think we got to talk about a new member. I do feel that we missing something, four is better than three.’


‘No idea?’ John asked since Tom and Ringo fell silent.

Ringo open his eyes lazily and saying, ‘I have no other person than Jerry and Tom rejected it. So?’

Tom shrugged, ‘He’s the last choice then.’

‘Anyway what’s wrong with him? You don’t even know him, you make nonsense judgment.’ Ringo pouted.

John looks at Ringo for agreement, aside of everything he, too, has no idea why Tom hates Jerry.

‘He frightened me.’

Both John and Ringo look at Tom in disbelief. The man who afraid of nothing and loves using his fist rather than words threatened by first year junior? It must be a joke.

‘Come on, look at his appearance, long hair, pierces and anyway, how tall is he?’

Both John and Ringo burst into laughter. Did they hear right?

‘And I don’t like somebody who likes playing around; I can see that he never be serious.’ Tom continues spitting out his impression towards Jerry.

‘Sorry mate,’ John coughing, ‘I think you think too much, and yes, how tall is he?’ John asked to Ringo.

‘I don’t know, 6.3 maybe, anyway Tom, as you said, he likes playing around, didn’t you think it’s good. We’re not only needing someone who playing bass but also someone who wanna wasting time.’ Ringo explained sending both John and Tom into puzzle.

‘You got to wake up,’ Ringo indicated to Tom, ‘we don’t have many choices, you know, most of our classmates belong to the talent agencies already.’ Ringo concluded.

Hearing Ringo’s long explanation and the ‘talent agencies’ word, John and Tom know what their drummer said was the truth they have to obey. Neither of them had spoken nor bringing any ideas up.

After long pause finally Tom had said, ‘he stills the last choice.’

John chuckled by the Tom’s stubbornness.

‘I was just thinking, we’re discussing him all over again as if we’re assumed that he’ll say yes immediately when we asked.’ Ringo said all in sudden making three of them looking at each other instantly and burst out into laughter.

Yes they were, they are discussing with assumption the one they are discussing about will say yes, and in fact no one of them had asked Jerry for that.

That night, ended with laughter and the matter of new member still hanging on the air, Ringo with same person he recommended, Tom stay with his stubbornness and John neither agreeing nor rejecting


Tom did not go home nor hid himself at the back yard after class today. No one of his fellow band member near to be seen as well.

Along this day, Tom had thinking about what Ringo had said last night, he knows it is true but he does not know why, he seems looking for more evidences.

‘Gosh… I’m late, I’m late…..’ the girl hurriedly passing him through and just waving her hand when Tom smiling at her.

The other girls or boys also hurry leaving school for he knew they will have another classes in their own talent agencies.

Seeing the crowd after school, he remembers his teacher suggests him to take audition in the talent agencies but he refuses.

‘I don’t wanna be their slave.’ He said at that time.

Now seeing them rush to and fro, Tom glad himself that he felt the decision he made was true, he wants music, not idol, not spotlight as celebrity but musician. Thinking about music, he, once again, let out a deep sigh. The Tree, his band, is really in uncertain stage now; their former bassist had left, though Tom knows pretty clearly the reasons neither John nor Ringo never talking about new bassist but he himself. Tom admitted deep down on him he still wants Choi to come back, someday he will pop-up in their studio, telling them that he will never leave. And now he suspected himself that he about to lose his faith in it. Something he fears about, something he does not want to happen but this likely.

The Stars


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