3rd – The Tree


One day after school when Tom summoned by his teacher to take audition in a famous talent agencies. He refuses however, and that was the day he met John.

John, he was one of the trainees in the same agencies Tom had offered to cast. And John asked Tom why he refused to take the audition, the same answer, freedom.

From that time on, the two of them often seeing each other during lunch or whenever they got time to meet up. The topic of course revolves around music, which is their pride, dream, and passion. In John’s eyes, he bit regret with Tom’s decision, Tom could be the company assets with his guitar skill and his passion toward music, but he respect Tom, again and all over again, freedom.

The more the two of them gather around, making songs, listing their dream, John realized, that his intention is no longer to the company he belongs to. One day John trying to find out what his career is looks like according to the company’s plan.

It was like what he wants so dearly but, too many rules he has to deal with. The big one is when John discovered that he can not using his own song since the company already has composer for all of their singers.

What is this? I can’t do this. That was John telling himself.

At that time Tom’s voice ringing in his head, “I don’t wanna be their slave, music is freedom.” And Tom was definitely right, no one can interfere someone’s wish what music they will have. He wants to be a musician not a singer and the reason he took music major is because he wants to be a great musician. Then how he is about to be when he is not allowed using his own creation? This is not right.

Few days after his talk to the company, he decides to leave. John pretty sure if keep staying, it was not his dream he will pursue but purely about money. And he hates it. Money, the reason his parents not really wants artisan as a job for their youngest son.

John sudden decision surprise Tom, tough he happy since now he has a friend with same idealism. Soon after, both young boys plan what they will do in order to make their dream a reality.

Another fate is coming, when John and Tom meet Ringo and Choi. Ringo is first grade student on John and Tom’s school while Choi was junior high student.

Four of them just have as high the same dream as with each other. It did not take a long time and The Tree was form. Taking from the old pine tree in the back yard from their school where they were always gather together, John, Tom, Ringo and Choi decided the name of their band. In the other wish, that pine tree is the strong tree and surely they want to be.

In understanding, the path they choose definitely not easy. They are about to breaking through the custom, habitual, and as far as they know, they already cast themselves as outcast by pursue their dream by their own wish and freedom.

Their fellow school mates think that they are crazy, what they are going to do by forming something without any of company back them up? And their teachers regretted their decision. They are all talented and definitely will have great opportunity if they join in to talent agencies. But they do not.

The four young boys answering by stand in their own stage at the street and sometimes they do gig in the small café own by John elder brother’s friend.

It was though but fun at the same time since they could do what exactly they want to do. Playing music in front of people who might never have any idea who they are but just enjoying the music they played.

Day after day, interesting experienced thrilled them, making them jump into tons of joy whenever they able to do a good gig. It was like something they relived since the decision is right. Here they are, with music in their mind and faith in their hand.

But the joyous day turns into disaster when Choi’s mother sent him back to Korea because he did not listen to withdraw from the band. Choi’s parents are just like the typical parent who wants a stable career for their son and music definitely out of their count.

Gloomy, definitely, and The Tree lose their bassist. The three members remaining never talk about new one and John took over Choi’s position leaving Tom in guitar alone.

The situation stays still until Tom felt uncomfortable, the more the find music they want to play, the more he realized that a new bassist is needed he can not keep up himself to play guitar alone, and he needs a back up.

The Stars


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