4th – THe Approval


‘Have you asked him?’ Tom asked Ringo who exploring his drum.

Ringo stop playing and look up to Tom who stands next to his drum set.


‘Well, your candidate, our new bassist.’ Tom replied slowly.

‘Whoa… did I hear you right?

Tom did not answer but start plug-in his amp, ignoring John’s gaze too.

Ringo shrugged and shook his head, ‘no, you said he’s the last choice, so…’

‘I wanna see his playing; maybe I can change my mind.’ Tom said as he starts to strum his guitar.

John grinning at Ringo who looks quite shock with Tom’s sudden announcement, because it may sound that Tom wants to quit playing guitar and dance instead. Maybe it is a good sign, thought John, for him, he would like to see Jerry’s playing before make judgment.


‘There he is,’ Ringo point toward the tall guy who playfully playing in the school studio.

Jerry looks stands out among the others. He is indeed tall, face kid-like, innocently he plays around but the way he plays bass also like professional although he still does it as if he just playing with fun.

Besides Jerry’s child-like personality, Tom has nothing to deny him as good candidate for The Tree’s new bassist.

Tom turn around without saying anything, meanwhile John who also impressed with Jerry stays a little longer before he indicated to Ringo to leave the place.

John and Ringo found Tom sitting under the pine tree and as usual playing his guitar randomly. No one had said anything once they are three sit together. Ringo moves his hands pretending playing drum harmonized Tom’s guitar.

‘What’s Choi doing now?’ John suddenly asked.

Tom and Ringo stopped their playing at the same time but both of them remain silent. Neither Tom nor Ringo replied John’s question.

‘How’s he?’ Again John asked.

‘Who?’ Ringo asked back.

‘The kid, who’s his name?’

‘Kid?’ Repeated Ringo and he laughed.

It is true that John is the eldest among them, but, hello, he just two years elder than Ringo and of course Jerry too, and he said Jerry is a kid?

‘A stupid kid.’ Added Tom lazily.

Ringo rolled his eyes.

‘I hate to admit that he’s good. If he agrees to join, he better has a good manner. I don’t like somebody who likes playing around.’ Tom said.

‘Is he really that bad?’ Ringo asked.

‘No, I just… you know, he better not noisy otherwise I’ll shut him up.’

Ringo can not help but burst into laughter and John shook his head. That was Tom.


Jerry shook his head in disbelief when Ringo asked him to join The Tree.

‘Me? Are you sure?’ Jerry asked for dozen times already.

Ringo nodded impatiently, ‘I told you, none’s better. We’re going to making an album and our bassist had left, you know the story already.’

‘And in what company you guys belong to?’

Ringo smiling and proudly saying, ‘none, we’re in our own, indie.’

‘So that’s true?’ Jerry said. ‘Sound fun. But I don’t think I’m capable enough beside I don’t have musical background, I only playing for fun.’ He went on explained.

Jerry’s explanation sent Ringo into puzzle. And maybe it shown clearly in Ringo’s faces because then Jerry explains further.

‘I don’t take musical major, I’m photographer only take some musical class as extra, for fun.’

Ringo quite impressed with Jerry’s explanation. He quite sure that Jerry has hidden talent Jerry himself probably did not realize. And with routine practice he will be able to stand on the professional stage.

‘Well, though we’re in hurry, but kindly you think carefully before you make a decision moreover if you gonna join us. Anyway we’ll have gig at Crazy M tomorrow evening, you come and see.’

‘I’m not 18 yet.’ Jerry replied shortly.

Ringo’s eyed widened and it took sometime for him to fully understand what Jerry had said. He laughs when finally discovered his silliness.

‘Me neither, don’t worry, I’ll asked for you for exception but you can’t drink.’

And now it was Jerry who laughs.

‘Deal?’ Ringo asked.

Jerry just nods as approval and Ringo feels triumphs inside him. One matter is about to solve, though he knows pretty clearly, it will be a lot of thing need to be sort out to make their dream a reality.


‘Thank you for coming tonight, this is another great night, thank you guys.’ Said John closes their performance.

The audiences clap their hands and waved goodbye.

‘Come to see us again okay?!?!’ Shouted Ringo before he jump down from the stage.

The chorus of “okay” heard from the crowd.

‘Huh…’ Ringo slump himself to the long sofa.

‘An impressive gig.’ A strange voice comes from behind their back. Both John and Tom spun around and found a tall guy who had speaking (and smiling).

‘Oh it was you, how d’you think?’ Ringo asked still sinking himself down.

Jerry shrugged, ‘its looks fun being on the real stage besides you guys playing are good, but are you sure to pick me up?’

‘We need somebody who wills wasting the time with us beside he required in bass playing.’ Said John before Tom could reply Jerry.

Jerry chuckled, ‘so that’s the reason you choose me?’

‘Not really, well yeah, you know we don’t have many choices,’ it was Ringo who saying.

Jerry nodded in understanding; he knows the story of The Tree, partly. Since, the band become hot gossip in school for one of their member was high potential trainee in one famous talent agencies and he withdrew to pursue his own wish plus their gig in street who drawn many attention from their schoolmates.

‘But you better serious if you join us.’ Tom called this time.

Jerry raised his eyes; it was no friendly tone in Tom’s voice and Tom received a fierce glare from Ringo, which he was only shrugged his shoulders.

‘When you will start join?’ John asked.


‘We’ll have practice tomorrow; Ringo will give you the detail.’ John Concluded.

The spark of a new hope flashing in every of the young boy’s eyes. Another day will come, not an easy day but with a new start they could be sure for overcome every obstacle that lies next to them. It was their dream and they determined to make it real. The day for that is not far a head; just need a little more time, little more effort.

The Stars


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