5th – The Stars


The days stretch into weeks and The Tree becomes better day after day. They have routine gig at street and park also at the Crazy M twice a week. With everything they got recently, it looks that the thing goes smoothly.

That night they are gather together at John’s house after did gig at Crazy M. It was 1.00 am over midnight while they are sitting at the balcony, watching to the ocean of twinkling stars.

‘I’m bit scared if everything goes smoothly.’ Ringo suddenly said.

‘Isn’t it’s a good sign?’ Tom asked.

‘I’ve been thinking, shouldn’t we change our name?’ John asked, apparently he followed his own mind.

‘What name?’ Jerry asked back.

‘This band.’ Replied John shortly.

Both Tom and Ringo look at John but he keeps starring to the sky above him.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ Asked Tom, his voce a bit strained.

John turns his head to face the two of his fellow band mates.

‘The Tree is the name of our old band, which was picking up while Choi is still with us. He’s gone for so many months and now we have a new path, new partner.  Though our dream is still the same but the one who will create it had change. I’m not saying that every time we change member then we also change the name in fact I never hope that we’ll facing another member changed, but look, we have all we need right now. And I hope this will stay last till we reach our goal.’

‘Then The Stars should be a good choice.’ Ringo replied without thinking.

No one replied and four of them fell silent but without any order they are all gazing at the starry night sky.

‘The Stars is a good name.’ Finally Tom said as if give his approval.

John held up his coke can in cheers, ‘The Stars!’

The three others do the same and shouted “The Stars!!!”

Another path, another ways but still the same dream and strong passion from four young boys who trying to breaking the wall.

They do not care about what might happen tomorrow or what thing will cost them if they continue the way. All they know, all the care is doing what they are all like, playing music. That is all.

Doing gig at the street or join stage at the park is not easy, tough instead. More they have to deal with every of their school activities. John who is the eldest, he has to come to extra classes for his final exam preparation and Jerry who originally is photographer student also has many school activities compare to Ringo and Tom because he has some extra musical class before he join The Stars.

While they about to have performance on the street, they have to prepare everything by themselves, property, equipments and expanses. They also have to learn how to set up the stage as well as their equipments.

Learn by doing from error and trial make them gradually mastering in anything the need to improve their skill. Besides interaction with other performances they meet is like sparring. Exchanging experience is more treasure than what they had learned on class.

Sometimes they try to sing their own song instead of covering the popular song. To try to find out what audiences respond. From nothing to something is really needed so much effort and here they are now, in the bottom of the land and definitely out of the spotlight.

While the other fellow classmates doing their routine to practice in the proper studio, The Stars meanwhile, has their own way, street and join performance in the park and having fun with the audiences.

But not only the fun and enjoyable experiences they have, the bitter one also coloring their memories.

One day, the day was looks fine and The Stars just finish set up their equipments when all in sudden rain poured without permission. Leaving them in hurry to save theirs before rain will ruin them all.

They got themselves wet and starving for they just from school and attempt to do performance right away and they had to trap by the rain.

Once, they also had to deal with drunkard who believe that The Stars stole their drink, Tom almost get caught by the police officer because involving himself into fight.

But the most terrible thing is when they witnessed some of their fellow streets performances got hit by the uncontrollable car whose the driver lost his handle. It caused the streets had close for several months for streets performances (and they decided not to have performances on that place since it brings terrific memory).

The long journey had just begun, The Tree turn to be The Stars, changing member, and casted them as outcast in their school made them mature than their real age.


It was one of the evenings when they gather on John’s house, Ringo looks busy calculating something. He did quick count, writing something, thinking, murmuring unclear words, and frequently let out heavy sigh.

‘This is bad.’ He said.

‘What?’ Jerry who is doing his homework asked.

‘The cash didn’t enough … yet.’ He said weakly.

‘For what?’ Jerry asked once again.

‘For album production, silly.’ Replied Tom rudely.

Jerry raised his eyes, being together for several months make Jerry well-known enough Tom’s rudeness toward him tough he had no idea why Tom is acted that way. Most of the time he just let out Tom alone but sometimes he can not help but tease him and of course Tom got more irritated if that happen.

‘Is there any problem?’ John asked Ringo.

‘We’re lack of cash if we’re starting to produce in the near time.’ Ringo replied.

‘How much we have now?’ John asked once more.

Ringo just makes sign with his thumb and forefinger to press together indicated it was very slim.

Both John and Tom let out a heavy sigh.

‘What are we going to do?’ Ringo asked.

No one had replayed him for John and Tom drown in their own thought. Find a way to make cash.

Jerry meanwhile, barely watching his fellow members for he has no idea what he should say or does.


The practice today just seems like funeral, no one of them seem excited enough to play music.

Finally it was John who is the leader that opens the conversation.

‘I’ve been thinking, what if we live together, it’ll help us to save the cost.’

‘But where do we live?’ Jerry asked as he put down his bass.

‘Mine. There two extra rooms and for the mean time for practice purpose, we don’t need to go to studio since my house is proof sound. A lot of things   we can save besides we can practice every time we want and we have.’

That is tempting and sounds a good solution but would John parents allowing them to do so?

‘What about your parents?’ It was Ringo who asked.

‘What about them?’ John asked back.

‘Well, you know what I mean.’

‘They’re in State and won’t discover what happen here, in the mean time.’ John replied.

Jerry wants to ask but Tom spoke before him.

‘It sounds a good solution for now, let’s we worry if the time about to comes.’ Tom said.

‘But John, you’ve just said you have two extra room but we’re three.’ Jerry said.

‘You’re roommate with Ringo!’ Replied Tom quickly.

‘Pleasure, I don’t wanna be with you too.’ Jerry pouted.

‘Me neither.’ Replied Tom and he went on asking John, ‘when will we move?’

‘Anytime, and if Ringo will roommate with Jerry, then you can have my room.’ John saying as if asking for Ringo agreement despite Tom’s wills that he should roommate with Jerry.

Ringo shrugged and lightly replied, ‘that’s okay.’

‘Settle then.’ Tom concluded.


On the next day, they decided not to make any performance but busying themselves for the transferred.

Since the biggest room was John, he moved up to the small one so that Ringo and Jerry could have it and the other guest room will be Tom’s.

They also moved and modify the living room then transform it into a mini studio, thank to John who made the house sound proof so that they will have no difficulties with the neighbor, actually the one who need more space only Ringo’s drum set because the other guitars are kept on their own room.

John was right; since they are living together they do not need to go to studio just for daily practice. And every time they can play, it was another benefit for them, mainly to saving cost but of course many things they have to deal with.

The Star


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