6th – The Living


Four young boys from different background and personality trying to live together definitely are not easy. It is true they have same dream and goal to achieve but living thing it is not just the same.

Personality compromise is one of the things who needed mostly, especially for Tom and Jerry that always has something to fight about from the start.

It seems that Tom loves to bully Jerry in fact Jerry too, loves to tease Tom. It can say the noises in the house just come from them two.

‘Hey, didn’t you see I just wash it?’ Jerry said in irritated voice when Tom using mug he just washed and threw it back on the dish washer once he finish.


‘So you got to wash it yourself! I’m not your slave.’ Jerry retorted.

‘I don’t wanna either; you’re the worst slave that ever exists.’ Tom replied lazily and walks away.

‘Wash it!-’

Tom turns his head and stuck out his tongue.

‘-you better do it if you wanna have clean one for dinner.’ Jerry threatened.

Tom did not reply but walked out from the kitchen and simply waved his right hand.

Having his word not listen, Jerry grabbed kitchen towel and hurled it, Tom, though he did not see the flying towel, his instinct and reflect helps him to avoid for being beaten. Jerry grunted and back to finishing what he has doing.

On the other day, it was Ringo who shock with how the house looked like. He knows already if the two of his fellow band mates are messy but he never expect he will found such a big mess when he lives here.

‘What happen with this house?’ Ringo asked in shock.

He just back from school and found the house is looks like being bombarded. Clothes scattered and hung everywhere, books in every sight and side of the living room. Shoes lying desperately in the floor leaving the case empty plus the two guitars on the table and he found Tom and John are sleeping on the couch. Apparently two of them fallen asleep while practicing or possibly composing.

Ringo start cleaning the house without even wake John and Tom up, or trying to keep his doing in silent way. Yet both of his fellow band mates did not seem trouble with the noise Ringo’s made.

Funny thing was when they are wake up and seeing their surrounding completely neat and clean, John and Tom look confuse.

‘Thought at somebody else’s house did you?’ Ringo asked as he picked the laundry up to the basket and pour it to the washing machine.

Both John and Tom only grinning as replay.


Ringo have been studying in the living room when Tom and John back from school for extra class. As usual both of them sink down in the couch rather than put their bag and guitar on their room. Having cleaning the house mostly, Ringo just gave them hairy eye-ball when they did not put everything on its place.

Tom who caught Ringo’s eyes stop his doing at once and asked,


Ringo did not reply but keep his face in irritated look.

Finally Tom realized what Ringo’s mean and he held up his both hands.

‘Okay, sorry, my mistake.’

John looking at them with confuse mimic, while Tom collected his stuff and throw it in to his room and John followed without asking further.

Ringo sigh and spoke in low voice once both of them get back to the couch.

‘Can you organize yourself? Everything-‘

John and Tom chorus continued saying the part of everything has its place and there a place for everything and giggling together.

‘Sorry.’ John grinned with apologetic face.

‘You two are helpless.’ Ringo shook his head.

‘What helpless?’ Jerry suddenly appear with dry laundry in his hands

Ringo did not replay just tingling his head   indicated to Tom and John who sit next to him.

‘Ahh good you two already come,’ Jerry said and handed over the laundry to their laps.

‘What’s this?’ Tom asked.

‘Folded it.’ Jerry replied shortly and turn back heading to kitchen.

Tom hurled one of the short pants and hit Jerry’s head.

‘And why the hell I should doing this?!’ Tom asked.

Jerry’s eyes widened hurled the pants back to Tom who caught it with his left hand.

‘You don’t want to have dinner? And, you’re asking why you should do that? That’s yours!!! It’s good Ringo washed for you.’ Snapped Jerry.

‘Hey, hey guys, can you please not make any noise? I’m studying, I have exam tomorrow. Do me a favor okay?’ Ringo pleaded.

‘That’s him!’ Both Tom and Jerry yelled.

‘Hey!!!’ Ringo frustratingly raised his voice. Tom and Jerry stop silent, and Jerry walks back to the kitchen.

‘What are you doing?’ Ringo asked John who seems enjoying the noise between Ton and Jerry.

‘Didn’t you thing they are funny? They’re just like the real “Tom and Jerry”, even they have the same name, evil fate, eh.’ John holds back his smile.

‘What?!’ Tom turns his face to meets John’s and John’s smile grows even wider.

‘That’s right. Cat and mouse, suit both of you very well.’ Ringo concluding with smile and a tracksuits hit his head immediately.

The Stars


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