7th – First Stone


‘Mates come, I have a new song.’ John called out the other members to listen to his new song.

Tom, Ringo and Jerry immediately gather to the living room that also becomes their practice room. They are always excited whenever anyone of them reveals a new song.

‘I like the beat,’ Jerry commented.

‘Its only melody and rough arrangements no beat at all.’ Tom cut across Jerry, he seems continuing their fight last night about Jerry broke his guitar miniature.

‘I mean I can imagine the beat Ringo played, silly!’ snapped Jerry.

‘Hey,’ it was Ringo launched his voice against Tom and Jerry high tense voice. He shrugged, ‘same with Jerry, I like this song.’

‘That’s good,’ John voice was strange, it does not like usual when he shows his song and the other liking it.

John take a deep breath before he start saying and distract the three other who discussing his song, ‘anyway, I have a bad news,’

The other three turn to face him immediately.

‘What’s that?’ asked Tom.

‘We’re can’t do gig at Crazy M anymore.’ John said slowly.

‘What?!’ chorus of disbelief heard from the other three.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ Asked Jerry.

‘Mike about to go to Hongkong to his family, he choose family over his business here. Next week schedules will be our last gig.’ Explained John.

Ringo sighed, ‘we’ll looking for another place then.’

‘With you and Jerry are still under age? I’m afraid that none wanna deal with. Mike put his business in danger because of us; I don’t think other will do.’ John said in doubt.

That is right, age seems play a big role in which place they could perform in café during night-time. No one had replied, and their excitement about new song seems popped like soap-bubble. Everyone thinking what John had said was true. So far, they looked never approach any hardship, especially when they are start living together.

Crazy M, however, it’s like their second source of everything. Though they only have twice or trice gig a week, but Mike always really kind and lovely. Almost every time they brought food from Crazy M and beside the fact that Mike is John’s elder brother best friend and willing to take a risk to allow The Stars doing gig since Ringo and Jerry are still under age.

And if Crazy M about to close down, then it’s mean no other shelter they can find plus, they will definitely lose their one and only real and proper stage for gig.


‘This is the saddened things we should reveal and this also our last performance here. If it possible, I’d like to continue to seeing you guys as like we do usually but we’re all know it’s unlikely, but you can still catch us up in our street performance. Thanks for your support, we do really appreciate it.’

Everyone on Crazy M turn silent with John’s speech. Most of them already know if Crazy M is about to close down, maybe that also the reason this night Crazy M is full house.

‘Mike, are you really won’t come back here?’ Ringo asked for over than dozens times already.

Mike only shook his head with bitter face to them, and replied in low and flat voice.

‘I’m sorry, even though I’m probably come back; it won’t be in the near future. Look, you guys have each other; no need anyone else to taking care of you especially me, just don’t give up for your dream. I’m sure even without Crazy M, you still have another stage to gig.’

‘No other place will have a deal with under age like us.’ Jerry said.

‘It isn’t what I mean,’ Ringo said. ‘I mean, you already have good business here and anyway, that’s right, you do no need to take care of us. Though, you did it for along these months.’

Mike chuckled.

‘We still have street and park, no worries.’ Tom said lightly.


Today is Tuesday night; the night for The Stars usually does gig at Crazy M. But this night is different; this night is their first night not to do gig and simply staying at home.

Ringo sinking low on couch with book on his hand, John is watching TV and switching the channel for almost every second.

‘Can you please stop that?’ Tom said sharply.

John took glance, Tom is definitely irritated. John shrugged.

‘No good channel.’ John said defensively.

‘Then switch off.’

At the same time, an origami plane had landed in Tom’s head for he knows it was Jerry who set it. In matter of second a thick book of Ringo’s flying to Jerry who immediately catches it before hit his head.

‘Are you hungry? You’re always in bad tamper when starving.’ Jerry sneered.

‘Hey, can you guys find something positive to do rather than fighting like kids.’ Ringo voice is muffled but clear enough to be heard for their three.

‘You’re the one that kid.’ Said John and Tom in chorus.

‘Alright, don’t bother me, just go on fighting.’ Ringo stood up and took a seat in his drum set.

‘What are you doin?’ Asked Tom curiously.

‘I have better mind than yours.’ Ringo start pushes the pedal, playing drum randomly, Jerry got to his feet and takes his bass. Seeing both rhythm instrumentalists having fun playing randomly John and Tom launch themselves to join.

And that was how the first night without Crazy M passed them by. Playing music, even without audiences to cheer them up and future that full of uncertainty but their passion surely will not fade away.

Weeks to come, reality hit them and realized them how much they had depended on themselves in to Crazy M. Without any support from the only secure place for them, those boys run out of everything easily.

Before, they do not need worry too much about meals since Mike always give them much after gig, especially if they did good one, as reward, Mike said. Although they are only did twice a week but Mike’s supplies already enough to save their meals costs and now, for the whole week, they need to think by themselves how to survive. How they could manage to have a proper meal with as low-cost as possible.

Meal is just one of the things, because then they should think about their expanses if they are about to increase their street performances. Also, the electricity when they do practice. It is true, living together saving many for them but they also have to manage and have a deal with the thing they had never counted before.

The Stars


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