8th – Street Musician


It is been weeks since Crazy M close down and The Stars decided to take as many chance as possible to have street performances. Just like today, after school the four young boys hurriedly pushing cart full of their equipment.

‘Hello uncle,’ Jerry greeted the bus driver as he board.

‘Ahhh hello, long times no see. Are you guys doing well?’ asked the uncle brightly.

Four of them smiling wide, it is true long times since they were ride with this uncle. Usually they ride once they going back home after gig at Crazy M.

‘We’re fine, everything is good, thank you uncle.’ Replied John.

Today is a good day actually, the sky is so clear that no cloud hanging on. The wind blowing gently follows the leaves who starting changing its color for the fall about to come, good afternoon for enjoying outside view.

Yoyogi however, as the largest park at Tokyo and known as the place for street artisan shown up them selves offered what The Stars need, stage for them and freedom for their music.

But today is not The Stars’s day. The space they have today made them to compete with the other performances who seem promising and more experienced.

‘Uuhhh, pretty bad today,’ complaint Ringo once they are finished performance.

Jerry who sitting beside him just grinning with his eyes never off from John and Tom who playing with their audiences kids. Both of them seem not bothering the fact they just had kids as their audiences.

The sun was gone, late summer twilight deliver unusual smell when the wind whirling smoothly as the night began to takes over. There, four young boys walking lazily, two of them pushing the cart full of equipments while the other two walking behind hoisting guitar case and rucksack.

Four of them slumped on the couch as soon as they reached home. Tired face, shabby and the fact they just had a bad day really make the things sounds worse.

After some times no one of them move or speaking, Ringo got to his feet down to the kitchen. Seeing his friend busying himself, Jerry gives his hands.

‘The last food.’ Ringo said when he put the dishes on the living room table.

Both John and Tom raised their head, looking up to Ringo.

‘There’s nothing on refry, this is the last one.’ Jerry explained.

Tom growled and John asked, ‘do we still have rice?’

Both Ringo and Jerry nodded.

‘For a week maybe.’ Jerry added.

‘Good then, at least we still have something to eat.’ John concluded.

‘I just realized that we’re to depend on to Mike before.’ Tom said.

‘And he’s a great supplier too.’ Added Ringo.

Today’s dinner is very simple, sautéed veggies, egg-drop soup and rice. No juice for drink for they start drinking only tab water (before they can have coke from Crazy M) to save money as much as possible.

John can not close his eyes that night. What he supposed to do to find extra cash?  Actually they still have cash in their account, but that not for daily meals. They already agree to spare some for their album production. They will have no side dishes for a week to come and what about next week to come?


Lucky for John today, his tutor absent which mean he has his own time without any other member knows what he will doing. He doing nothing actually, just drowning himself on the library with his notebook, wandering around internet to find some part-time job.

And there he is now, with full of schedule of school, practicing, and working. He start disappears after school and only shows up when practicing time. John always made excuses whenever the other members asked him.

One night, Jerry had found that John was nowhere in his room, his shoes was gone for Jerry knows their leader had sneak out home without any of them had realized it.

The other members suspect something but did not say anything since they have no prove but food that often appear after John came home silently, he always has million answers though, for where it came from.

John was about to run away from his tuition when out of nowhere Jerry standing next to him with curiosity.

‘Where do you will go?’ asked Jerry suspiciously.

‘I’m in hurry,’ John clearly avoiding Jerry’s question.

But Jerry did not step aside.

‘Please.’ Pleaded John.

‘Not unless, you tell me where are you going. Or is it all about you sneaked out these days?’

John’s face reflecting a shock when heard Jerry said about sneaking out, he jerked to bring that gone from his face.

‘Seriously, I’m in hurry if you please.’

‘Tell me then, what was all about, you sneaking out from the house in the midnight, and now didn’t attended tuition. What happen?’

John’s face turn pale but he push that away immediately, he squared his shoulders and saying as he pushed Jerry aside to get himself away.

‘Let’s talk later, I’m really in hurry.’

Jerry barely watched his leader who passed him by, and vanished away in the long class’s corridor.

John did not home even the dawn almost over. Jerry waiting silently in his bed and Ringo was already sleeping hours ago. Today is Sunday, which mean they will do gig at Yoyogi park again and thinking of John who has not in home makes Jerry bits queasy.

‘Hey wake up,’ Ringo shake Jerry up lightly.

‘Eh, what time is it?’ Asked Jerry, he yawning and stretching his arm before really got up to his feet.

‘Seven.’ Replied Ringo shortly before he closed the door.

The first thing Jerry does once he steps out from his room is checking John. He is there, sleeping with his face down as usual. Jerry curse himself for had fallen asleep so that he has no chance to continue their conversation back where they were at school. However, he made a mental note to have John’s explanation as soon as possible.


‘Ermm… well, thanks to join us in our gig today, it’s wonderful to have fun with you all today guys. This will be the last song and we won’t do cover, this is our own song. Hope you guys like and keep supporting us. It’s called Hey Silly, thank you, have a good day!’ John’s conclusion speech gaining applauses from the crowd who seem curious with the song The Stars will play.

Hey Silly[1]

Dear boy, d’you knows what is it?

Its stupidity if you think life lies around the dream

Wakes up boy and see the world

Here, I can give you an easy way


Aha, they say I’m difficult

So they watching me from distant

And calling out


Hey silly,


I don’t care whatever you calling me

This is the life I wanna be

No matter even if the sky falling down

I’ll never lose my big passion


Hey silly


I don’t care what you’d say to me

This is the path I wanna through

Doesn’t matter even if I have to sell my soul

I’ll never lose my first intention


Dear you, d’you know what is it?

Its faith, if I keep holding on

Someday my dream will be a reality

You know everything is worth

‘Cause I’m not only playing for fun


Another good performance had been done today; it was almost 5 o’clock in the afternoon when the close their performance. They have no certain stage now but they never giving up, street and join performance in the park is quite enough to keep their spirit on.

Just like today, they perform where people passing by, one by one people stop by, listening, captivated with how they deliver their passion toward music to the stranger. Some of them took pamphlet The Stars set up in guitar case. Content their schedules of their next performance and short profile of The Stars.

From one become two, and three, the crowd getting huge, created a circle of people who enjoyed a young street musician who trying to make their dream comes true without any help from mainstream.

Applause heard from the crowd as they closed their performances. Happy face mirrored in every of The Stars members, John, Tom, Ringo and Jerry seems to have nothing better than what they had today.

The most satisfaction of the band is when they see a happy and satisfaction of their audiences. And the fact most of the audiences are the stranger, it was really worth to know that they do not felt they wasting audiences time to stop by and listen to The Stars’s music.

The Stars

[1] Taken from Season for a Dream and Hope by Tara Lee with the same title and minor editing.


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